VIOLENCE ISN’T ONLY PHYSICAL Control, jealousy, disrespect, humiliation, intimidation are all the invisible and unhealthy symptoms of abusive relationships. If you do not feel safe with your husband or partner, do not put up with it and do not wait – ask for help.

About Project

Project name - Stop Violence Against Women: From (A)wareness to (Z)ero Victims Blaming

Objective: to develop targeted information & implement practical empowerment actions, education activities and awareness-raising to increase understanding of different forms of VAW & stop blaming VAW victims & ultimetely contribute to rpomoting zero tolerance to VAW & strengthening gender equality. 


  • To empower victims of VAW through collecting experiences, developing informational materials Ų implementing empowerment actions.
  • To Build competences of health care, social work & child's rights protection professionals through training, testing, adjusting & multiplying improved competences for broader scope of professionals.
  • To strenghen ability of journalists & general public to recognise various forms of VAW & challenge victim blaming attitudes through broad awareness-raising & dissemination channels.


  • identifying "brights spots" and to implement empowerment actions;
  • trainings and capacity building seminars for primary health -care level doctors, gynecologists, social workers and child rights specialists;
  • developing check-lists for each group of professionals;
  • developing informational website;
  • awareness raising campaigns for general public and journalists;
  • motivational campaign for professionals.

The project uses the framework of "Theory of change" and Positive Deviance methodology. 

It is implemented by the Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson, Human Rights Monitoring Institute, Centre for Equality Advancement, social advertising agency Nomoshiti & Lithuanian Medical Association with the final support of the Justice Programme of the European Union.  

Project duration: April 2017 - October 2019.