About project

Project title - Stop Violence Against Women: From (A)wareness to (Z)ero Victims Blaming.

Objective - to develop targeted information and implement practical emowerment actions, education activities and awareness-raising to increase understanding of different forms of violence againts women (VAW) and stop blaming VAW victims and ultimately contribute to promoting zero tolerance to VAW and strenghening gender equality.

Main tasks:
  • develop key messages, effective communication strategies and tools for the empowerement action;
  • increase women's ability to recognise VAW;
  • trigger behavioral changes in women experiencing VAW;
  • change health care professionals, social workers and child's rights protection specialists' attitudes, stereotypes and behaviours towards victims of VAW;
  • strenghen competences required for VAW recognition and its prevention;
  • prime institutional change in providing professional support for victims of VAW;
  • inform society bout different forms of violence against women and challenge victim-blaming attitudes within the society;
  • promote zero tolerance towards victim-blaming and VAW and raise public discussions on the matter;
  • raise awareness and stimulate involvement of health care and social work professionals in VAW problem solution process;
  • reduce victim-blaming practices in media. 

This project uses the framework of the Theory of Change and Positive Deviance methodology . The project started by identifying and collecting individual practises wchich proved working in Lithuanian context, and, with their integration into all project activities, will promote a sustainable change in attitudes from victim blaming to accountability of a perpetrator. 


Project duration: 3 April 2017 - 2 October 2019